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Workshop Projects Undertaken in Recent Years
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Cutter Grinder Collet Chuck Rotary Table Adapter Mandrel Handle Rear Tool Post Belt Sander Collet Myford Ball Turning Pillar Tool Steam Engine Simple Dividing Hand Rest Knurling Tool Workshop Spindle Scribing Block Vice Alignment

I have loved engineering and making things since as early as I can remember. For my 6th Birthday I asked for tools - which I then treasured. My parents wondered what was wrong with Thomas the Tank Engine books!! At the age of 11, I became interested in Photography and made my own photographic enlarger. Around 1975 I bought an old Drummond lathe and started model engineering. I have built a Stuart no.9 steam engine, but my love of tools leads me to spend much of my time making workshop equipment.
Since 2006 I have had several of my projects featured in Model Engineers Workshop and Model Engineer.

The above are just some of the projects which have occupied me recently.

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Lathe Backstop Lathe Backstop